15th November 2017

Emergency Maintenance

Update: At this time all scheduled maintenance is complete.

Previously: Please be aware we have received the following notification from our datacenter and will be monitoring the servers to ensure things are stable once the maintenance is complete:

We are currently performing an urgent software upgrade impacting a subset of NYC1 physical machines. In most scenarios, this upgrade occurs seamlessly, with no impact to servers, however we have identified that a very small number of upgrades require manual intervention and may result in a brief server downtime.

Your servers that may be potentially impacted by this maintenance are listed below.

We're extremely sorry for the short notice, and inconvenience here, but performing these upgrades are critical to significant improvements to the performance and reliability of the platform.

  • outofstep.reclaimhosting.com
  • brynmawr.reclaimhosting.com
  • keene.reclaimhosting.com
  • umwblogs.reclaimhosting.com