21st September 2016

DDOS Attack on Multiple Systems

At this time our datacenter has confirmed connectivity to all servers has been restored. We'll be following up with a post mortem on our blog but all services should be back online!

Previous Updates We have been following this situation closely and hope to have resolution soon. This outage has been a result of an incredibly large distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack at our datacenter. Servers in the subnet block are currently affected which for us means 2 of our shared hosting servers and a handful of institutional servers. We remain committed to updating here and on Twitter as this progresses and hope to find resolution soon. Thank you for your patience!

Morning Update: Our datacenter reports that one subnet is still offline which means several of our servers are still unavailable. We're working closely with them to try and restore access as soon as possible. Apologies for this long term outage.

Update: While many servers have come online we still have a handful that remain offline as our datacenter works to mitigate the attack. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update this incident once it is resolved.

We've been informed by our datacenter that they're under a large scale denial of service attack that they are working to mitigate. Multiple systems are having intermittent outage as a result. We are monitoring and hope to have this resolved soon.