18th June 2020

Errors when accessing SSO through Shibboleth

Final Update: We have scripted out a change and deployed it to all known WP installations that integrate with the Shibboleth for WordPress plugin to resolve the issue of looping redirects. For installs that still exhibit this behavior the recommended change is to remove the following lines from .htaccess:


while leaving the references to shibboleth between those lines in the file. To ensure the .htaccess file is not changed please also add the following directive to wp-config.php:


If you need assistance implementing this fix on a site exhibiting this behavior please do not hesitate to reach out to support.

Previously: We have confirmed that an update to the Shibboleth for WordPress plugin was pushed out yesterday that also modifies .htaccess rules and is causing problems in our environments. We are in the process of scripting a fix that will be pushed to all schools and will update when that fix is in place.

Previously: We're currently aware of some global Shibboleth changes that are affecting logins across institutional customers. We're currently investigating these changes and will update here as they come in.