20th November 2019

Baruch College Baruch Outage

Final Update: After a bit more investigation it looks as though there is an issue with one of the drives and the underlying host is in a degraded state. The datacenter's Cloud Operations team will be evacuating the machine and prioritizing this server in those efforts so that it will be one of the first to go. This should be a live migration with no downtime, so we should expect to not see any service interruption going forward.

Previous Updates: The server is back online. The datacenter was able to issue a power cycle and indicated a sudden massive increase in load. We are investigating a possible DDOS attempt or some other type of traffic influx that would have taken it offline.

We are investigating an outage with the server for Baruch College after losing connectivity and not being able to power cycle it with our data center. We have opened up an incident with them and are awaiting more information.