21st July 2019

Installatron Backup Server Malfunctioning

Final Update: It appears the number of drives that failed simultaneously in our previous backup server have rendered it impossible to restore the old Installatron backups. At this time the new backup server after working for 3 days has already generated 2.5TB of data and over 7k new backups. If customer require restorations from previous points please utilize the Jetbackup system. Reach out to support if you have any questions.

7/24 Update: All backup services via Installatron have been successful as of yesterday afternoon when we deployed a new backup server. Customers should not receive further backup errors. We are still evaluating whether the drives on the old server will rebuild properly, in which case we will gain access to the older backups that existed there. We will update the status here with the results of that by the end of the week.

Update: To mitigate the issue while we continue to work with our datacenter we have provisioned a new server for Installatron backups and going forward users should not receive errors as the new backup routines start to function. Existing Installatron backups will continue to be unavailable unless we are able to restore access to the original drives, however Reclaim Hosting maintains a separate offsite backup system via Jetbackup with a full month of backups should you need to restore anything. Guidance on that is available in our community forums at https://community.reclaimhosting.com/t/restoring-backups-using-jetbackup/2229.

Previously: Our Installatron backup server is malfunctioning and that we are investigating. You will be getting error emails in the meantime, but all off-site backups through Jetbackup continue to function.