15th May 2019

MDS Mitigation

Update: All servers have been patched for this vulnerability.

Previously: Reclaim Hosting is in the process of patching all servers to mitigate the Microarchitectural Data Sampling exploit on Intel-based systems known as ZombieLoad. Although there are no known exploits to this vulnerability at this time, if left unmitigated, this vulnerability could allow sophisticated attackers to gain access to sensitive data, secrets, and credentials that could allow for privilege escalation and unauthorized access to user data.

This kernel upgrade on all systems will require a small amount of downtime as each server reboots which we will be doing over the course of the next 24 hours. When this incident is marked as resolved all servers will have been patched. For more information on MDS go to https://software.intel.com/security-software-guidance/software-guidance/microarchitectural-data-sampling